Xavi, on Haaland: “If what they say happens, it will be for money”

What do you expect, a priori, from the match against Celta?

It’s a good test for us. We are already in the Champions League, and that objective is covered. We have the second position. Celta is a very good team, with a very marked system, with an offensive soul. You already have your target covered and they will arrive without pressure. We have to improve our game, not lose so many balls… We have to improve our sensations and our game tomorrow.

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*Data updated as of May 9, 2022

What did you mean by neatness in the players?

For me, neatness is doing more good actions than bad in the game, and that happens by having few turnovers. And that conditions the game a lot. Because if we lose the ball we feed the rival to go out in transition. And it takes away our confidence. Losing the ball has to hurt me. That’s why I ask for that neatness. Then, we are well under pressure. But you have to play better. These unnecessary losses must be improved.

Are you worried about not having a replacement for Busquets?

There is no exact profile like Busquets in the team and we have to find that balance when he is not there. Busquets will not be eternal as it has happened to all of us and the planning has to go around here. That is why I say that Barça has to have doubled the positions.

Does Barça need a top striker?

It is important to strengthen yourself every year, and even more so if you lose. This year is not positive and we have to reinforce ourselves. All who come will be welcome. People have to come out. The situation is not easy, it is one of the most difficult in the history of the club. But we have to strengthen ourselves. It is evidence and everyone has seen it.

How will you face this summer at the planning level?

There are no problems in that. I’m OK. I am delighted with the president, the director of football, the technical secretary. We are a pineapple, everything is agreed upon, they respect my opinion and it is about teaming up. Even if I’m not here, I’ll be aware of everything. And work, get stronger, try to improve and be competitive. We have saved a season that could have been worse.

Are you afraid of planning because of the economic situation?

We have made a football diagnosis. Then there is the economic. We are very clear about what we want for next year and we will try to do everything that can be done.

What would you like to see in these three games?

Well, being second to qualify for the Super Cup. Maybe we’ll play with less tension, but that doesn’t mean we’re going to give up. We have to insist these three matches in the game model.

What role is Ansu going to have?

Ansu is fine. You have to be cautious and cautious after a long injury but I see him happy, happy. In addition, he has scored a goal and a difference and I am happy for him. There are three games left. Ansu is one hundred percent, but we have a plan for Ansu so that there is not so much load and playing the 90 minutes would be unnecessary. The plan is clear and he will be one hundred percent.

Has there also been psychological work with Ansu?

We not only work at a football level, but also physically, nutritionally, psychologically. We are on top, yes.

Is Haaland taking a setback, going to City?

It’s just not official. When it is, you ask me again- if I discard it? Very difficult, I’m not going to lie to you.

He talks about football diagnosis, economic… Do you have the exit plan closed?

We have it quite clear. It is difficult to change the opinion we have. I have things clear with players. Then we will see what we can do because the economic situation marks us. IF you don’t have money, you still have to act in another way. It’s obvious, we depend on money.

What message would you send to those who believe they have not improved?

It is not about me triumphing, but about Barça refloating. He often compares numbers. Koeman did a great job, and that is what we are trying to do. I know where I am, I put up with criticism. But I think we have improved a lot. And in the classification, too. And that is not a criticism of Koeman. When I say that in November we were in a bad way, it’s not a criticism of Koeman, it’s that it was Barça that was like that. Since my first game against Espanyol, the team has improved. Much. It is evidence.

Would you recommend going out to Riqui?

We are talking about players who will be important in these three games. Is soon.

You were with Haaland in Munich, do you think Haaland will choose money to project?

I wouldn’t say that much. The only valid project is not ours. The City has a tremendous baggage. If what you are saying happens, it will be because of the financial issue. In Munich? I have been several times.

How do you see Dembélé?

The club already knows my idea. I would like you to stay. He has helped us and, if he stays and renews, he will help us. It has already done this season.

Is the ambitious message outward-facing or inward-facing as well?

It has to be believed. The players believe and, in fact, they have played excellent games. We have to be more constant, more reliable, more competitive. We will try it. This club cannot be years without titles. We need to improve.

Aubameyang has a goal in the last six games.

The forwards are streaks. And his numbers are very good. They create chances and Auba gives us a lot.

How do you see Frenkie?

Many times he comes to receive. It is at a very good level. I think he has taken a step forward since we have been here and the performance is positive. Frenkie is more about going down, Gavi is more about saving position. He is not so positional but he is giving us a lot of things.