Xavi: “It’s about Barça refloating, not about me triumphing”

“You have to be second and we will end up saving a season that could have been worse”


The coach of FC Barcelona, ​​Xavi Hernández, has asked that his work not be compared with that of his predecessor Ronald Koeman and has pointed out that it is not about his project succeeding but about Barça “refloating”, although he is not clear if he will be able to receive all the reinforcements he wants for the following season, in which he will have to fight for titles, due to the club’s economic situation.

“It’s not about me triumphing, really. Sometimes they use the old coach to compare. It’s about Barça refloating, not about me triumphing. It’s about Barcelona triumphing. It’s absurd to compare Koeman’s numbers with mine, the two of us have done a good job,” he said at a press conference.

In this sense, he wanted to emphasize that he does not criticize Koeman when he points out that in November, when the Terrassa player arrived and the Dutchman left, the team was worse off. “We have improved a lot, honestly, in general. And in qualifying too. And it’s not a criticism of Koeman, it’s that Barça in general was the way it was and not because of him. And it’s not about me proving anything, it’s about that Barça refloat”, he contributed.

“And if there is criticism towards me, I put up with it for the good of Barça. But it is evidence that Barça is better. From the match against Espanyol to the one against Betis, the team has improved and it is evidence”, he was honest on this subject .

However, he still wants to improve more. “Neatness is doing more good things than bad in the game and it means not having turnovers. We have to minimize turnovers, because we already say that we are not playing well at all. In my system, it is very important not to lose the ball and be responsible with him, losing the ball has to hurt, and that’s why I ask for neatness in the game,” he said.

A neatness that he will want to see this Tuesday against Celta de Vigo at the Camp Nou, in search of getting closer to confirming second place in LaLiga Santander. “He hasn’t finished the course yet, there are three days left and we have to finish second and we will end up saving a season that could have been worse. Staying in second position depends on us”, he recalled.

“Being already qualified for the ‘Champions’ is good for us, maybe we can play with less pressure but that doesn’t mean we give up. We have to be competitive in these three games to finish with good feelings for next year”, plot.

On the other hand, about the following season, he was cautious. “It’s important to get stronger every year and even more so if you lose. This year won’t be positive because we haven’t won any titles. The situation isn’t easy, it’s complicated… But we have to get stronger for next year if we want to be competitive, it’s evidence that the whole world has seen. We will see what we can do,” he predicted.

“I am very comfortable with the president, with the sports director, with Mateu (Germany)… We are a pineapple, everything is agreed with the ‘staff’ and my opinion is respected. It is about team building. I will be aware of everything , to see what can be planned and done. And to try to reinforce ourselves to be more competitive next year”, he reiterated.

All this, yes, from faith in his squad and the desire to strengthen it based on what the club’s economy can do. “You tell me that there is criticism and I tell you that you have to believe. The players believe. We have shown the leg of what can become. We have to be more reliable and more competitive. Next year we have to compete for titles. From within the club I have all the support”, recognized.