Xavi: “It is not good to condition the referees so much”

The Barça coach talks about Real Madrid’s referee complaints before the Classic


The coach of FC Barcelona, that “it is not good to condition the referees” when asked about the Classic.

“I have told him that he would have one. We always try to give confidence to the players, you see them prepared and that they can play. They don’t have a scared face. They are prepared. It is the time to bet on young people and you couldn’t speculate,” he said in press conference, about the triumphant debut of the 17-year-old Barça youth.

“I see them hungry, in my time we were more scared, I see them with self-confidence, bravery, I have seen him with the face that it was his moment. The best day of his life perhaps,” he added about the man of the night, who made the winning goal in the 80th minute, although he also praised Joao Félix and Iñigo Martínez.

Xavi highlighted the demands that Athletic Club proposed and a hard-fought victory in the midst of many casualties, that of Koundé and Sergio Roberto safe for next week’s Champions League and duel against Real Madrid next Saturday. “A very difficult game, very physical, they pushed us the whole game. In the second half we were better, in the first it was difficult for us,” he stated.

“Ernesto (Valverde) has been very brave. Athletic played a great game, they had their options,” he added, acknowledging “special excitement” because the bet on Marc Guiu turned out well. “I’m especially excited because it’s a strong, brave bet, and we are. When things don’t work out, I learned that you have to double your bet. You have to bet on young people, people from home, who are prepared,” he said. .

Furthermore, the Barça coach was asked about the criticism towards the refereeing of Saturday’s duel against Sevilla by Real Madrid. “We try to take care of what we can control. From the club we do not want to condition any referee who comes to whistle at us. It is not good, to condition a referee so much from any club to come here with pressure,” he stated.

Thus, Xavi did not want to assess the possible expulsion of Jude Bellingham that would have meant him missing the Classic. “There is a referee who decides. I can’t say more. What we don’t want is to condition the referee, it’s not good,” he concluded.