Wuhan Zall returns to China due to the situation in Spain

The Wuhan Zall, Chinese soccer team from the city where the coronavirus outbreak arose and that has been in Andalusia since last January 29, will return to his country next Saturday due to the situation that Spain is going through with the COVID-19, explained this Thursday to Efe his coach, the Spanish José González.

“The problem is now here, in China it has been practically eradicated”, indicated the technician from Cádiz, who pointed out that they had not returned to the Asian country until now due to the epidemic situation and due to the postponement of the league, but given this new situation in Spain they have decided to return.

The Chinese team, made up of twenty-seven footballers, arrived at the end of January at the Malaga-Costa del Sol airport to start a concentration in Sotogrande (Cádiz) without presenting, as reported by the Junta de Andalucía, no coronavirus symptoms.

The postponement of his league competition as a result of the coronavirus health crisis led to his stay in Andalusia being prolonged on several occasions and his return to China being postponed due to security.

China announced on Thursday that the peak of COVID-19 broadcasts has come to an end, as reported by a spokesman for the National Health Commission of the Asian country during a press conference in Beijing.