Worrying future for Juanjo Ballesta: a judge takes him to the bench for an alleged sexual assault

A judge proposes to try Juanjo Ballesta (36) for an alleged sexual assault on a woman in Parla. The judge of First Instance and Instruction number 4 of said town has proposed in a ruling to try the actor Juanjo Ballesta for a crime of sexual assault that was allegedly committed last July on a street in this Madrid town.

This is stated in an order cited on April 17, by which the magistrate agrees to transform the proceedings into an ordinary summary. The next step will be the order to open the oral trial.

The actor has always defended his innocence and maintains that he did not know the woman at all.. Within the framework of the investigation, his lawyer, the lawyer Beatriz Uriarte, requested that the proceedings be archived due to the contradictions of the prejudicial party.

However, The judge now concludes the investigation considering that what was done reveals the commission of the aforementioned crime attributed to Juanjo Ballesta and Raúl GG. The last procedure carried out was the psychosocial examination of the victim.

The complainant maintains that the actor who gave life to El Bola and another man sexually assaulted her in this Madrid town on different days. In the case of Ballesta, the events occurred on July 20 on a sidewalk after going to a bank to withdraw money.

The woman was admitted to a psychiatric hospital for twelve days. after the events and it was the doctors of this center who filed the complaint after knowing what supposedly happened for several days.

In the instruction, The psychiatrists ruled out that what the victim said was the result of schizophrenia. that he suffers from and they rejected the hypothesis that they were delusions suffered as a consequence of the decompensation he suffered due to the consumption of toxic substances.