“Women don’t know how to drive”: macho insults against Marta López, on vacation with her children

martha lopez He has spoken this Friday about an unpleasant experience that he has had during his holidays in Benidorm. Her former great sister has been the victim of a sexist verbal assault in the parking lot of the supermarket where she did the shopping with her three children, Jorge, Hugo y Javierin ages between 16 and 8 years.

According to Alfonso Merlos’s ex, she was preparing to go down the parking ramp with her car when another vehicle that was crossing in front prevented her from doing so. From this moment on, the driver in question recognized her from television and began to spout all kinds of barbaric things at her: “Get out of here, those of you on TV have AIDS and you’re going to hit me, women don’t know how to drive.”

The situation was so tense that Marta’s eldest son recorded what happened from inside the car with his mobile phone. The recording was broadcast this Friday on Telecinco and in it serious insults such as “bitch” or “cool shit” are heard.

Marta was with her three children and two other children in the car. “It is the worst thing that has happened to me, I was with five children and the little one would not stop crying,” she has assured, still in shock. Marta decided to get out of the car to reassure the man and prevent him from violently approaching her vehicle, enraged. A parking worker also helped him control the situation and the man ended up leaving.