Without VAR, Madrid would continue to get 4 points from Barcelona

VAR interventions have been decisive in the sign of six games of this season for Real Madrid and Barcelona, but not for the amount of points of each of them, since it has given them as many as it has taken from them. That is to say, with or without VAR, Real Madrid would add 77 points and Barcelona 73. Maintaining the difference of four points between them.

To the whites, of the 5 interventions that have lived in their favor this season in two led them to go from a draw to victory; while in two other eruptions of this tool led them to lose another four points, going from tie to defeat. Regarding Barcelona, of the three interventions in favor one served to add two points; while of seven against only in one was decisive for the party sign and make them lose two.

But not only this season the VAR has given them the same points that it has taken from them, it also has in the previous campaign, when whites too managed to score four points thanks to the intervention of this tool and lose as many. Instead, Barcelona last season did not experience any irruption of this tool that conditioned the sign of the party. Although the azulgrana were from the teams that lived the least against: alone two, in front of six in his favor. Instead, Madrid was the team that experienced the most bursts against him (10) by the VAR, only exceeding this negative figure the Ray (12). The interventions in favor of the Whites in 18-19 were 4, the third with less after Leganés (2) and Valladolid (3).

If we unite the influence of the VAR in both seasons, the image would look like this: to nobody of the two teams has not given them more points or subtracted them, both have intervened on their behalf on the same occasions (9) and there would be a difference in irruptions against him (15 damaged Madrid and 9 Barcelona).

Influence of VAR in the last two seasons

2018-19 4 10 6 two
2019-20 5 5 3 7
TOTAL 9 fifteen 9 9
POINTS 2018-19 4 4 0 0
POINTS 19-20 4 4 0 0

VAR interventions that conditioned the sign of the Madrid and Barcelona match in the 2019-20

Villarreal 2- Real Madrid 2 (1-2 without the VAR)

Gerard Moreno's goal was annulled for offside, but from the VAR they said it was legal and he went up to the scoreboard.

Real Madrid 0 – Betis 0 (1-0)

Madrid left its locker to wax after the VAR annulled a goal to Hazard for being in an illegal position.

Real Madrid 2 – Sevilla 1 (2-2)

Luuk De Jong scored a goal, but they warned from the VOR to the referee to review a foul on Militao on the monitor. The referee decided not to grant it.

Barcelona 2 – Getafe 1 (2-2)

Nyom's goal annulled by a previous foul on Umtiti.

Barcelona 2 – Atlético 2 (2-1)

Ter Stegen stopped a penalty to Diego Costa, but Mateu Lahoz, VAR referee, warned Hernández Hernández that the goalkeeper had gone ahead. The maximum penalty was repeated and Saúl scored a goal.

Athletic 0 – Real Madrid 1 (0-0)

Gil Manzano. VAR referee, warned of a stomp from Dani García to Marcelo inside the area. González González, after consulting the monitor, indicated the maximum penalty and Sergio Ramos scored the victory goal.

VAR interventions that conditioned the sign of the Madrid and Barcelona match in 2018-19

Real Madrid 1 – Espanyol 0 (0-0 without VAR)

Mateu Lahoz pointed out that Asensio was in an offside position when he scored in the first half against Espanyol. The VAR warned the referee and the goal ended up going up to the scoreboard.

Real Madrid 1 – Levante 2 (2-1)

The VAR acted twice in a match that without this tool would have ended 2-1 and not 1-2. First, he told Cuadra Fernández that Varane's hand had not occurred outside the area, but inside and it was a penalty. In the 17 ', Asensio scored a goal in the rejection of a corner, the lineman indicated a valid goal in the first instance, but the VAR revealed that he was offside.

Levante 1 – Real Madrid 2 (1-1)

The VAR stepped in to recommend checking a Bardhi hand within the area. Iglesias Villanueva went to the monitor and after seeing the play he indicated the maximum penalty that Benzema would transform.

Ray 1 – Real Madrid 0 (0-0)

González Fuertes was warned of a possible penalty by Vallejo on Javi Guerra. He pointed it out and Embarba transformed it.