“Without saying anything, he says everything”

The Escassi affair has unleashed a tremendous storm, his affair with Valeri, his infidelity to María José Suárez, their continuous contradictions, that they are an open couple, that they have broken up. A story that is impossible to reconstruct in time due to the vagueness of the rider who gets caught in his own excuses. This is what his ex María José has told us. With this panorama and after her time on De Viernes, Sonia Ferrer, who was Escassi’s girlfriend, has entered the scene.

Sonia Ferrer has chosen a wonderful photo with Sergio Fontecha. The two appear sharing a very loving kiss. Wearing summer looks in a bucolic image. They look like two teenagers. “It wasn’t necessary to live through that to appreciate this, but it’s true that from hell the distance to heaven becomes greater. I wish I had met you before. You owe me half your life. Sergio.” These were Sonia’s words that touched Susanna Griso’s heart.

Meanwhile, Laura Fa spoke about the rider’s manipulation of the entire audience, “whether he is pansexual or bisexual,” she said, but that “he should not sell a story that no one buys.”

Susanna insisted on the words of the man from Seville: “He told me that they had been having a bad time for six months, that he hardly ever went to Seville, and that during those six months he felt free to live his life as he understood that María José could live hers. But that during the three years of their relationship it was not open.” And she added: “Sonia Ferrer’s post is very nice, without saying anything she says it all.”