“With the two meters I measure I am very agile”

Courtois He returned to zero the goal in the duel against Getafe. The Belgian goal was decisive with his stops, especially in the first half. After the meeting he spoke on Movistar

Difficult match

“Getafe is an opponent who always fights, with high pressure and you had to be focused. There is much merit in winning this match. The important thing was that they didn't take us out of the game. We have trained knowing what they were going to do. They are sixth and it's for a reason ”

The Getafe game

“Against Getafe you know the game that awaits you. We know how he plays, the important thing is not to get carried away by his game of ball and hard fouls. They try to get you out of the game, you have to have a cool head to try to score. What counts are the three points. They are very intense, they don't let you play from behind and they do it well. They play their way and earn points. “

Fundamental stop

“Many went crazy with the stop because of the number of rebounds there were. I had good reflexes to get the ball, with the two meters I measure I am very agile ”.

The key to get the games ahead?

“The key is to have the goal at zero”

What percentage of the league does Madrid have?

“I don't like to talk about percentages, but we have to win the matches and Bilbao is a difficult field. There are many complicated games left but I prefer to be four points above that below “

Losing LaLiga

“You may be a great rival but we do do what we are doing since we have returned from confinement.”