Willy Toledo, very harsh against José Andrés: “He has been making money from other people’s misfortunes for years”

As has been demonstrated on countless occasions, Willy Toledo He usually speaks without mincing words, an attitude that this Tuesday he brought out again to charge against Jose Andres. The prestigious chef, well known for his humanitarian work, criticized the Minister of Social Rights and Agenda 2030, Ione Herb, for its position in the war that has broken out in the Gaza Strip. The actor does not agree with the cook, to whom he responded through a blunt tweet.

It all started with Belarra’s reaction to a statement from the Israeli Embassy in Spain, which “condemns” the “immoral” words of some members of the Spanish Government with which, according to the Israeli Executive, they align themselves with the Islamist group Hamas. .

“Your government is carrying out war crimes in the Gaza Strip, massive bombings, water and electricity cuts, they are not letting in humanitarian aid. Denouncing this genocide is not ‘aligning with Hamas’, it is a democratic obligation. Silence, complicity with terror,” the minister responded forcefully. A tweet to which José Andrés was quick to respond.

“You, as minister, have to first recognize that the Hamas attack against civilians is a terrorist act…and that Israel is defending its citizens…Then you can ask for restraint and respect for the lives of civilians in Gaza. In the end we must ask for the containment of all parties… but never support the terrorists and the aggressors…”, wrote the cook, who mentioned the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, to ask her to be removed from her position.

It was then that Toledo intervened: “Here is a cook who has been cashing in on other people’s misfortunes for years, saying that a minister voted for by millions of people ‘does not represent Spain’ and demanding that the Zionist Pedro Sánchez remove her from office. I’m not going to to say what you are because they close my account. At the moment, the chef, who was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2019, has not responded.

Toledo’s dart arrives shortly after his conflict with Santiago Segura, whom he also criticized on X – the social network formerly known as Twitter -, where both got into a dispute.

The National Court gave the director a judicial blow for a value of 827,183.39 euros, as a resolution to an irregularity in the payment to the Tax Agency. “He has everything and he has plenty of everything but he is not enough and he wants more. Greed,” wrote the theater producer, unleashing yet another controversy on the Internet.