Williams and the goal, offside in Athletic

Iñaki Williams and the goal is offside in Athletic. Two problems linked. On the one hand, the Bilbao striker is the third player in the league to whom this infraction has been pointed out the most times. Pennant raised from attendees. On the other, the set of Garitano he has enormous difficulty seeing the door. He is the second who scores the least in First.

The one who has been caught offside the most times so far this season has been the Commander Morales, the tip of the Levante. Up to nine times. At least he has scored three goals in five games. The second most punished in these statistics is Benzema, of Real Madrid, with eight. And complete that podium Williams, with seven, tied with Soldier, from Granada, and Rafa Mir, from Huesca. As for Athletic, behind the '9' they appear Raúl García, with three, and Morci and Iñigo Martínez, with two each.

In the squad of Garitano It is a good mismatch in his game system, since, as seen in El Sadar without going any further, one of his main proposals on the table is direct play. Speaking of Williams, They are long balls into space so that Bilbao can take advantage of their speed. But the radar of the opposing defenses is hunting him.

After the last league break, the rojiblanco coach commented a little over a week ago about Williams that “he has been like a motorcycle for 15 days. Every time he is better physically. He did not do preseason because he had a coronavirus, he lives off his speed and his physique and he is having more and more time to get into shape ”.

Further, Garitano He explained that “a striker lives off the confidence of scoring goals or generating. We ask you first to do the things you have to do to get closer to the goal. You have to start by doing the movements well and then you will always get closer. We have confidence in him, the goals will come ”.

Y Williams opened his private account against Levante, finishing point-blank a center of Black pudding from the left. It was 2-0 after the initial goal of Berenguer. It gave better sensations. A couple of days later, he assured that he was “great” and recalled that “I am not the 9 that people are used to here in Bilbao. I'm a more mobile 9, I like to do a lot of unchecking in the face of bands, especially on the right side, moving, not being all the time fixing the centrals. Maybe that sounds like I'm not a 9 ”.

Although he launched that “it is true that I would like to score many more goals than I do, but it doesn't worry me, because I would start to worry when I didn't have chances and that's when I would have to see if I'm doing something wrong. I'm sure this year I'll end up scoring more goals than the previous ones ”. His top in the League is at 13 for the 2018-19 campaign. In the past 2019-20 it was 6.

And, in this case more than ever, any help to Athletic in this field is more than welcome. With four targets, the Bilbao squad is the second least achiever in Primera. Apart from the aforementioned so many of his own Williams and Berenguer against Levante, you have to count the double of Unai lopez in front of Eibar in Ipurua. And there the account ends. Settings. Movements And point of view.