William of England’s “personal reasons” for missing the funeral for King Constantine

The absence of William of England at the funeral mass for him King Constantine of Greeceheld this Tuesday at St. George’s Chapel (in Windsor), revived rumors about his wife’s state of health, to the point that Buckingham Palace was forced to give explanations with a brief “Kate Middleton is fine”.

In the last hours, another reason has also been given why the son of Carlos III could have been absent from mass. There are those who related it to the death of a great friend, Thomas Kingston, husband of Lady Gabriella Windsor, much loved by the British Royal House. He died at the age of 45 and has made headlines in the tabloids.

A Buckingham Palace spokesman said King Charles III and Queen Camilla “have been informed of Thomas’ death and join Prince Michael of Kent and all those who knew him in mourning a much-loved member of the family.” family”. A palace source added: “In particular, Their Majesties send their deepest thoughts and prayers to Gabriella and the entire Kingston family.”

The news of the death of Guillermo’s great friend hit the media this Tuesday, although Kingston died on Sunday. For this reason, the focus of the explanations of the aforementioned “personal reasons” of Prince William of his wife’s mysterious convalescence, a secret a month and a half after undergoing surgery, was moved to the death of Lady Gabriella Windsor’s husband.

The Princess of Wales underwent “abdominal surgery” on January 16. A mysterious convalescence of which they continue without giving more details a month and a half after her death. The British Royal House is going through a difficult time, since Charles III’s cancer is added to Kate’s mysterious illness. A disease that they also reported from Buckingham, although without clarifying the type of cancer it is. The religious service for Queen Sofia’s brother was attended by queen camillawho came on behalf of her husband, Charles IIIsince both she and Prince William have taken a step forward in representation tasks.

Thus, Guillermo was one of the most anticipated in the historic chapel of San Jorge, to which Felipe VI, Doña Letizia and Queen Sofía and King Juan Carlos did come from Spain from Abu Dhabi. The Prince of Wales, due to his status as his heir, has the mission of representing his father, Charles III, who is undergoing cancer treatment. The 75-year-old monarch, who has freed up a lot of weight from his in-person agenda, attends some meetings remotely and stays up to date at his home in Sandringham thanks to the famous red boxes, where they send him documentation and paperwork.