William Levy talks about Mercedes Milá’s constant declarations of “love”: “If a man does it, he goes to jail”

Since Mercedes Dear discovered William Levy for his starring role in woman-fragranced coffee, has not hidden that the actor is his great platonic love. In fact, managed to interview him in a program for Movistar + after the success of the Colombian telenovela in our country.

“A Cuban has invaded Instagram and I no longer like to look at the face of any man anymore. William Levy, I love the mother who gave birth to you, nothing more perfect can be done. Thank you ma’am,” are some of the messages that the journalist writes on his social networks with photos of the artist.

Regarding these words of admiration from the former presenter of Big Brother Levy has spoken in an interview with The world. “Mercedes Milá declared her love for you several times. Could a man have done what she did?” Asks the interviewer. “Of course not! He goes to jail, he goes to jail, or not? So, we’re wrong. We have to respect and take care of ourselves,” he replies.

However, he clarifies that he has a good relationship with her: “Now, for me it was not bad at all. I’m fine with her and we get along very well. And she hugs me and it’s normal.” Although the journalist insists that he does not seem “so normal” to him. “For me it’s normal. I don’t see it as a bad thing. I can’t say that I felt sexually harassed,” says William.

A few months ago, Milá revealed that, after their long-awaited meeting, the Cuban had stopped answering his messages. And Levy has also responded to this: “I have problems in my life and a thousand things that are happening to me. My life does not depend on her or on anyone else. It depends on me and my children. I cannot live waiting for someone to bother if I don’t call her. If she gets upset, it’s her problem. Milá is a very beautiful person, but she has to understand that I don’t get upset if she doesn’t call me. I love her very much, but I have things in my life.”