William and Kate Middleton suspend the search for a CEO to manage their office

Kate Middleton, 42, is continuing her cancer treatment, as she herself announced in March. The update on her state of health occurs in dribs and drabs, sometimes through her husband, Guillermo, who has resumed his in-person schedule and whom we saw at Wembley Stadium on Saturday the 25th. The heir, with his son George, witnessed the FA Cup final between Manchester City and United.

It was a football afternoon that father and son shared on Saturday, so smiling in the Wembley box. An appearance that conveys normality and also optimism about Kate’s health. However, this same weekend, they said in the program Fiesta that the princess will have to undergo another surgical intervention before the end of the year. Also that she will finish her treatment next August. It was Concha Calleja who launched these statements.

In the midst of these turbulences, publish Daily Mail that we actually won’t see Kate until autumn. It was the Princess herself who requested time, space and privacy to face her cancer treatment. With William reconciling work and family, the prince’s reality now involves taking care of his children and taking care of his wife as his top priority.

In fact, the princes of Wales have postponed their plans to hire a CEO to manage the Kensington secretariat, according to the British press, such as Daily Express. The idea was for the CEO to centralize and channel all the work. His role would be modernize and energize the institution and, also, break with the old palace organization that brings together a team of 60 people, including secretaries and assistants, published the chronicler Richard Eden in Daily Mail last September. Well now all those plans have been put on hold.