Why was Isabel Preysler late for Tamara’s engagement party, held at her own home?

The Marquise de Griñón has recounted in the anthill more details of your engagement party. A celebration in which his family and his family finally got to know each other Inigo Onievathere were speeches, exchanging lavish gifts and lots of dancing.

The Onievas arrived on time for the appointment: “We had summoned them at nine and they knocked on the door at nine and one minute.” A detail that surprised Tamara Falco: “That’s not the Preysler punctuality.”

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Although the women of the Preysler clan only had to “go downstairs”, “some arrived earlier and others later”, she acknowledged with a nervous laugh at the Paul Motorcycles. “It took me about five minutes, my sister half an hour and my mother when she could,” she explained.

Despite the fact that the event, so important to her daughter, was in her own mansion in Puerta de Hierro, and knowing that her future son-in-law’s family was already inside, Isabella Preysler he took all the time he saw fit to make his grand entrance. The wait for her mother was heavy even for Tamara herself: “It seemed eternal because we were very nervous.”

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Of course such a gesture of the queen of hearts is not very correct on her part. Didn’t Isabel Preysler really mean to go downstairs? Has Tamara lied to us about the supposed change of opinion of her mother towards Íñigo and her disloyalty? Would she really want to celebrate that proposal at her house?