Why they say that Taylor Swift has married Travis Kelce: it would be the billion dollar fly

On December 6th, Taylor Swift jumped onto the cover of the magazine Times, chosen as character of the year. Two days after turning 34, she is the most listened to on Spotify while Bloomberg and Forbes point her out as a billionaire and make her the fifth most powerful person in the world. But this weekend there was another rumor about the Pennsylvania singer: is it true that NFL player Travis Kelce has asked Taylor Swift to marry him?

Are Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce planning a wedding? The American media talk about a prediction from a famous psychic named Mhoni according to which the athlete and the singer plan to walk through the altar very soon. “They want to get married, how exciting. I think it's a secret wedding, they're just going to invite people very close to them,” said the medium.

“She already wants to get married because she wants to be a mother and with Travis she could fulfill her dream,” she said. In addition, Mhoni, the psychic, assured that the Kansas City Chiefs (her boyfriend's team) “will reach the Super Bowl final.”

Paranormal powers aside, it is true that Taylor Swift is already part of the NFL and it is not unusual to see her cheering on the Kansas City Chiefs and showing her support for Travis Kelce. This weekend, a comment from former Dallas Cowboys quarterback and current CBS commentator Tony Romo set off all the alarms.

During the broadcast of the game between the Kansas City Chiefs and Buffalo Bills, Travis Kelce starred in a play, Taylor Swift was focused on by the director and Tony Romo referred to her as the “forward's wife.” Seconds later he corrected her comment. “As you see Kelce's wife, Taylor Swift, in the audience,” said Romo, who quickly corrected himself: “Sorry, girlfriend,” he corrected.

This alleged mistake by Tony Romo has turned social networks into a hive of talk that Taylor has secretly married. In case anyone cares, the Kansas City Chiefs added their second consecutive loss after falling 20-17 to the Buffalo Bills, which calls into question whether Taylor Swift is synonymous with good luck for the Missouri team, which is not doing well.

But losing the League would be nothing for the player: if he marries Taylor he would be hitting the fly of the century. Loves aside Taylor has amassed a fortune that exceeds one billion after her 17-year career

The country singer has lifted the American economy, according to the Federal Reserve: she does not give interviews or send statements, she is more than a singer: she is a money-making machine.

Spotify alone gives it 26.1 billion listens. On Amazon and Apple he has doubled his 2022 figures. On his The Eras Tour, which began in March and has just finished (to resume in February 2024), he has 66 concerts and has 85 left. He has raised $1.3 billion and generated around 5,500. In July in Seattle, a seismic activity meter estimated that his fans had caused a 2.3-magnitude earthquake.

She is the first person in the world of entertainment, of any category, to occupy the cover of Time magazine since its creation in 1927. Forbes estimates her fortune at $1.1 billion (twice as much as in 2022), and places her as the fifth most powerful woman in the world. Her real estate empire is sky-high real estate. Swift has not played in Spain since 2011, when she was barely 20 years old. She performed at the Sports Palace of the Community of Madrid (today WeZink) and attracted 15,000 people; 4,000 attended. On May 30, Taylor Swift will debut the new Santiago Bernabéu after its 900 million euro renovation.