Why Prince William won’t go to the World Cup in Qatar

Contrary to what one might think considering that the Prince of Wales is honorary president of the Football Association, Guillermo will not attend the World Cup matches in Qatar that are held from November 20 to December 18.

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As reported The Sunsources close to the husband of Kate Middleton They justified their decision because they have a “very tight” agenda on the same dates as the meetings.

Friends of the future king of the United Kingdom have also told the aforementioned medium that, in the event that England reaches the final, it is unlikely that William will travel there, although he might agree to be part of a government delegation, if it were to occur.

There is a lot of controversy surrounding the host country, since it constantly violates the human rights of various groups, especially the LGTBIQ+. Same-sex marriage, for example, is illegal. Activists of the LGTBIQ + collective have applauded the decision of the son of Charles III.

In 2016, Prince William became the first British royal to appear on the cover of gay magazine, Attitude, where he praised the bravery of gay and trans people who have experienced harassment. “No one should be harassed because of their sexual orientation,” said the brother of Harry to the magazine.