Why Jared Leto has been dressed as a cat to the Met gala (and he has not been the only one who has meowed)

When Karl Lagerfeld She died at age 85 in 2019, leaving part of her legacy to her closest confidant, her cat Choupette, who had become a social media star.

Fashion fans the world over were hoping the 2023 Met Gala would feature an appearance by the feline heir to her legacy. Sadly, the cat’s Instagram account said she would be staying at her home in France, but she was paid many tributes on the museum’s carpet Monday night.

Jared Leto was the one who paid the most obvious tribute to the heiress of the German designer. The protagonist of American Psycho he donned a full skin suit with hyper-realistic blue eyes. But he was not the only cat of the night.

Rapper Amala Ratna Zandile Dlamini, better known by her stage name Doja Cat, arrived in an Oscar de la Renta dress and feline facial prosthetics, while Montero Lamar Hill, that is, the rapper Lil Nas X, she wore a Dior Homme look, a bejeweled face mask and lots of silver body paint.

However, the tribute that he himself Karl Lagerfeld could have appreciated more was much more subtle. Chloe Fineman, of Saturday Night Live, she wore a cat-shaped sequin bag in addition to her camellia-covered pink Wiederhoeft dress.