Why is Ana Obregón rich?: the origin of La Moraleja, the exclusives and ‘Ana y los 7’

From a poor but intelligent father who made a fortune, and from an imaginative mind always in need of attention: from these two origins has come the wealth that he enjoys. Ana Garcia Obregon Since she was a child, she has only grown with her varied professional activity, and which allows her all kinds of whims, even buying a baby by renting a woman’s womb in the United States and bypassing Spanish law.

When to Antonio y Ana Maria Obregon Their daughter Ana told them that she wanted to be an artist, they did not like the occurrence at all. By then they had achieved a high economic position but they did not like to appear on paper or be the focus of attention, although they enjoyed the friendship of some illustrious neighbors, such as Luis Miguel Dominguínwho shared with them the problem of his son’s also dreams of fame, Miguel Bosea friend of Ana Obregon since they were very young.

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Ana Obregón went from her father and turned to achieve her dreams. And she already has more than 50 years of career in which her participation in films, series, television programs and exclusive reports have ensured that she did not need to pursue her career as a biologist to survive. Quite the contrary, her fame has made her a millionaire.

What Antoñita the fantastic has received on TV

Although she pretended to be a Hollywood star, or what earned her the nickname “Antoñita la fantastic”, although she could even be seen at a very young age participating in a chapter of the 80s series the a-teamwhere it has swept is on Spanish television.

The series in which he has earned the most money, according to the ranking published by The Spanishes Ana and the 7 (2002-2005), which Ana created, co-produced, scripted and was, of course, the main actress. At first nobody believed in the series, because she was a character from the heart. But it ended up broadcasting 91 episodes on TVE and being one of the television hits of the first decade of the 21st century, with a maximum share of 38.1 percent and up to 6.9 million viewers.

The series was exported to many other countries and Obregón’s cache reached 150,000 euros per chapter. Multiplication by 91 alone gives 14.5 million euros, to which should be added publicity and international rights, which gives an idea of ​​the amounts obtained by the artist.

He had also triumphed before in the format that he presented together with the admired presenter from Bilbao Ramon Garcia, What do we bet?also on screen on public television from 1993 to 1998. The family contest could have provided Ana with between 50 and 80,000 euros per program and she came to present 90. The space went down when they dispensed with the figure of the mother of Aless Lequio to incorporate his rival in real life, Antonia Dell’Attefirst wife of Alessandro Lequiowho has been the only husband of Obregón.

He also triumphed with Lina Morgan in the series Hostal Royal Manzanares, between 1996 and 1998, where he charged 250,000 euros for each of the 21 chapters in which he played the character of the funny and myopic Sonsi. And, of course, he has conveniently charged each of his appearances to give the New Year’s Eve chimes, in which he began in 1995, and in which he has repeated the role in 1996, in 2005, in 2021 and this same year, 2022, in the one that has totally relegated to the emblematic Anne Igartiburu in the post. For the last appearances to broadcast the twelve grapes, apparently he has come to charge 35,000 euros.

Another source of Christmas income has been the also profitable Freixenet advertisements, in which it premiered together with Placido Domingo in 1984, and with which he pocketed 100,000 euros of those of the time (16 million pesetas).

The biologist’s other businesses

Ana Obregón is one of the faces of the national fame that she has in the magazine Hola his go-to channel to talk about any matter that happens to him in his life, as has become clear these days when he has presented his granddaughter, obtained by renting the womb of a woman in Miami, and insemination with his son’s semen Aless, sadly passed away from cancer in 2020.

He has not always received the great exclusives published by the magazine to avoid the “stick” of the Treasury, but they have paid him in kind, with perhaps jewelry, haute couture or the reforms of his house, if that has been convenient for him. He has had many reports over the years. Some have provided him with 30,000 euros, others 80,000, and he has gotten up to 150,000 euros for others. Obregón almost always offered the traditional bikini pose in Palma de Mallorca, which was known as the kick-off of summer, for free to all the media; He had plenty of reasons and themes.

However, Ana has come to squander all the records in terms of receiving appearances in Hola, as they say from the sector, with the latest exclusives as a result of being a mother-grandmother; it is said that she could have received around a million euros in one go.

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And then there are social networks, whose income possibilities Ana Obregón is no stranger to. She has a million followers on her Instagram account, which, although she uses it to post photos and personal reflections, also earns her income by being the image of brands such as La cabine, in this case of cosmetics and beauty, which pays her about 5,000 euros for each post that you upload to your profile.

Ana also had 10 percent of Jotsa as a source of income, the company her father founded, closed in 1999, and has been an investor in entities such as Promociones y Construcciones del Golf 2 SA, until 1990, Promotorauno SA, which is now extinct , Promotoras SA, where it was terminated in 2013, and Coreser SL, terminated in 2022 by the Aless Lequio Foundation. All of them companies that have to do with the ownership of real estate.

A poor father who made her rich at birth

Antonio García, the father of Ana Obregón, was always the mirror in terms of tenacity and entrepreneurship in which his young daughter has looked. He was born poor in the postwar period and he went hungry, but at the age of 14 he was already working in a store sweeping, washing up or as a delivery boy. He combined work and study because he had plenty of intelligence, and managed to finish his studies as a draftsman, surveyor and technical architect as number one in his class.

He married Ana María Obregón, the only daughter of a businessman, Juan Obregon that helped him with 50% of the capital that allowed him to found the Jotsa company, the construction company created together with two other partners with which he bought Luis de Usa y GavaldàII Count of the Gaitanes, the large private estate on the outskirts of Madrid, covering 1,150 hectares, which gave rise to what we know today as La Moraleja, the neighborhood in Spain with the highest per capita income in the country, where he still lives the entire Obregón family, since one of the first groups of houses was reserved by Antonio for himself and his five sons and daughters.

This operation was carried out by a young Antonio in 1969, who disbursed 700 million pesetas (about 4.2 million euros today) for 95 percent of the shares of Niesa, owner of the area that was divided into plots of different sizes. sizes. That was the origin of his fortune.

Pieces of land with luxury buildings in an environment of privacy and privilege where movie stars, football stars, media stars, ambassadors and politicians and the owners of large Ibex 35 companies have lived, among other people with very high purchasing power. That cradle is that of Ana Obregón; the golden cradle of the ball with a vision of the future that she knew how to give her father.