Why haven’t Harry and Meghan confirmed their coronation attendance yet? Total chaos in Westminster

More than a month has passed since the Duke and Duchess of Sussex received the invitation, via email, to the King’s great event. And still no answer. There are three weeks left for the coronation of Carlos III and the organization is working hard in a race against time to have everything ready. However, chaos has wreaked havoc on the preparations. One of the compelling reasons, the indecision of Harry and Meghan, who have not yet confirmed their attendance. publishes it Daily Mirror.

There are three weeks to go and the Sussexes do not confirm their trip to London. It seems quite a challenge, since the confirmation deadline, according to the newspaper, was April 3. This silence from the dukes has caused a great delay and complication in the protocol, which marks how and where all the guests should sit. In which banks and in what order. Everything in Westminster Abbey is measured to the millimeter for that appointment on May 6. Bottom photo, Harry in London,

Why does Harry take so long to give his answer? Is he tightening the rope? This does not seem the most appropriate moment to prolong that silence, after his father built bridges with him and made him see it. Not only by sending him the invitation, but also by accepting that his children, Archie and Lilibet, be called prince and princess, despite the fact that Harry executed the Megxit button three years ago, which meant his final departure from the royal family.

On March 27, the prince visited London to testify before the judge in the framework of a joint lawsuit, along with Elton John, among other celebrities, against the Associated Newspaper Limited (ANL) press group. In this lightning trip, a private meeting between father and son was expected, but it did not take place. It was reported to the press that the monarch was “very busy.”

Chaos in Westminster

A television audience of more than 100 million viewers is expected. It is necessary to coordinate cameras and information points of chains and informants from all over the world. There is fear that the King, in an oversight, may trip over the heavy uniform and cape that he is going to wear. It is a much more austere uniform, and without fur, than the one his mother wore at the 1953 ceremony. There is also confusion as to whether or not the guests use tiaras. 2,000 people are expected to attend.