Who is the soldier who is “baptized” as the “tutor” of Victoria Federica (at 22 years old)

His name is Nicolás Murga, he is 62 years old and he was a colonel in the Air Force and personal assistant to the emeritus. He is part of Don Juan Carlos’s circle of trust, so much so that he is considered a “tutor” of Froilán and Victoria Federica, for whom he is a “second father”. He escorted the first to Abu Dhabi last January, when he settled in the Emirates, and this Monday he has taken Vic out of the mess he has made at the April Fair, after his horse stepped on a girl in the trough.

The daughter of the Infanta Elena and Jaime de Marichalar received some messages on her phone from the young woman, who sent her a photo of her foot. As it was a private number and it is not the first time that the young woman has received messages of dubious origin, Vic brought the matter to Murgo’s attention and he took charge of the situation by contacting the victim, who had been taken to the hospital after the incident. . This Wednesday, in addition, he will accompany her to Madrid, where the young woman resides, and will take her to a clinic to carry out all the pertinent tests and make sure that the injury caused by Vic’s horse is not more serious (a slight sprain, according to the first medical report), according to The confidential.

Murgo is one more in the family of don Juan Carlos, he has even supervised his academic education and has been responsible for talking to both of their teachers at the worst moments. “He has come to go to the university to talk to Felipe’s teachers when he has had a more difficult period. Nico is a second father to him. He gives him good advice, recommends what to do when he has doubts and acts as a channel with his grandfather. Sometimes Felipe and the king emeritus have gotten angry and Nico has always put order and has tried to iron out rough edges. He also deals with some things of pure administration such as managing a trip. Felipe and Victoria love him very much, “said a person from the inner circle .

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Nicolás Murga Mendoza began working for the monarch in 2007 and before that he was blue helmet of ONUCA. He was also head of the Communications Office of the Air Force, and air attache of the Spanish Embassy in the Moroccan capital, in Rabat. Murga Mendoza was born into an aristocratic family in Extremadura and became known in 2019, when it became known that the Spanish Prosecutor’s Office was investigating his role as an alleged figurehead for King Juan Carlos.