Who is Garazi Ortúzar, the influential daughter of the president of the PNV who has just signed Iberdrola

Journalist, influencer and, now, new signing for Iberdrola. The Bilbao-based electricity company has set its eyes on Garazi Ortuzar (26), daughter of the president of the Basque Nationalist Party (PNV), Andoni Ortuzar, and has incorporated her into its communication and marketing team. But who is she?

Garazi Ortuzar studied journalism at the Carlos III University of Madrid between 2016 and 2020 and carried out a Master at EAE Business School in Corporate Communication and CSR Management. Training that he combined with his work on social networks. On Instagram, in fact, she has more than 50,000 followers.

In addition, last December he opened his YouTube channel with the name The daughter of. Ortuzar launched it with a talk with Andoni, his father, in which the new Iberdrola employee revealed that They always treated her like “Andoni Ortuzar’s daughter.”

The Basque content creator has exposed on more than one occasion the suffering caused by the criticism she has received for years due to the nature of her photographs on Instagram, where she poses exposing her taste for fashion trends. In fact, It was a controversy related to his Internet profile that boosted his presence on social networks..

In mid-2020, many linked Garazi Ortuzar with his father’s political side. At that time, the now president of the PNV was immersed in the middle of the electoral campaign and there were those who referred to the communicator as a “sexy” young woman, “cannon” or “the hottie of the day.”

“People are not aware of the damage they can do with despicable words and qualifiers. Thanks to these sexist, meaningless headlines that completely violate journalistic ethics, many lies, comments about me and also contempt towards my family have been unleashed,” Garazi Ortuzar denounced.

“My father is a person, regardless of whether you share his ideas or not. He is a human being who adores his family and moves heaven and earth for us. “I have the same right as you to treat him like a father and not have to measure what I gain,” he added about his mother.