Who is Aritz Aranburu, the surfer with whom Aitana forgets about her breakup with Yatra

The breakup of the father y Sebastian Yatra It caught people and strangers by surprise, although after the singer did not go with the Colombian to the Latin Grammys in Seville or to his brother's wedding, the rumors skyrocketed. “We are both single and living our own path,” confirmed the artist himself to clarify what was being said in the media and social networks. The Catalan's tears at a concert in Bogotá also spoke for themselves.

Days after confirming that everyone is going their own way, some images of the former triumphant with her head down and with a serious face in Bilbao, accompanied by her surfer friend, have come to light. Aritz Aranburu. The photos, published in Ten minutesit took just fifteen days before the breakup was revealed.

The two met a few years ago thanks to Miguel Bernardeau, the son of Ana Duato. The breakup of the singer and the actor, a close friend of the surfer, did not cause the friendship between her and the athlete to be lost. For example, the photos of the two of them around the Basque Country. In a bad personal moment, the interpreter of Butterflies y Formentera He chooses to take refuge from the storm with his friends. He also leans on her and other friends of hers. Both Aitana and Miguel, in fact, were recently at her grandmother's funeral.

Aritz Aranburu has 132,000 followers on Instagram and his famous followers also include Rossy de Palma and Blanca Romero. His social media profile is full of moments enjoying his great passion, turned into work.

Yatra was her third known boyfriend. To the academy of OT 2017 She entered with a young Catalan boyfriend waiting for her outside, although her affair ended after finishing the edition. She then began a relationship that lasted just a few months with her editing partner. Luis Cepeda. Bernadeu was the next man to occupy his heart. Their breakup was confirmed in December of last year in full promotion of the series they have together on Disney+, The last.

Shortly after, it was learned that she began a courtship with the Colombian singer, with whom she wants to maintain a friendship after the breakup: “Sebastián has always been one of my best friends, he is my best friend and he will continue to be and that is what “I'm going to tell you and I'm not going to say anything else,” she said to Europapress.