When Doña Letizia was Luis María Anson's intern: “Everyone wanted to have coffee with her”

Luis María Anson He has contradictory opinions about the monarchy, although he knows very well what he defends and what he rejects about the past, present and future of the Royal House. He told it in a long interview with El Español for his 90th birthday, and, given his closeness to Juan Carlos I and his family, there has been no shortage of mentions of Mrs. Letizia, loved by many and hated by many others, as has been proven in recent weeks with the accusations she has received. The one who was director of ABC He supports her as “the queen of Spain” and also as a person, since he met her when she joined the newspaper as an intern at the beginning of the 90s.

“I knew her because she had been my intern at the newspaper. She was a very pretty girl, in the editorial office of the ABC everyone wanted to have coffee with her. She was with a boyfriend whom she later married. She only had the newspaper's salary, which was very low. When there was a classmate who was short of some money, she lent it to them. Her caring spirit was extraordinary. After three months, her scholarship ran out and she had to leave the newspaper. She explained to me that she had bought an apartment in Rivas-Vaciamadrid. I told him: 'But you already knew you were going to leave.' She replied: 'I thought if she did well, I could stay.' And she had done it wonderfully,” says the veteran journalist in their conversation.

It was then that, once he finished his scholarship, he took his first steps in local journalism. “At that time, we were preparing a page with information about the towns and neighborhoods of Madrid. I didn't even know that Rivas-Vaciamadrid existed. Doña Letizia was in charge of the Rivas chronicles and so she continued in the ABC”, he points out, emphasizing that in these years he has seen her again, although always treating her as “the queen of Spain”: “We meet at some event. Especially in Asturias. Because she is Asturian and I am the Prince of Asturias award winner. I am the only member alive from the Privy Council of don Juan”.

Against the attacks on Letizia

According to the founder of The reason, “in Spain there is a growing journalism of insidiousness and jokes. Fortunately, 70% of Spanish journalism is serious. Journalism from the heart is also done very well.” “Remember that our only international publication is Hello. What you mention is launched by people who have felt offended by whatever it is, people capable of publishing the most false and astonishing scams in order to make money,” he adds.

In this sense, the RAE Academic also remembers some comments that circulate about the wife of Felipe VI: “They say something as idiotic as that Mrs. Letizia is sterile. Hey, but haven't they said four chapters before that she had an abortion? It would not be so sterile! The argument is that he had Doña Leonor and Doña Sofía with the eggs of his sister Érika” – about the latter he says that he does not believe that she committed suicide, but rather that her death was due to an error when taking his medication.

The founder of The Impartial considers that “Doña Letizia has been a blessing” for Spain. “Don Felipe had had three or four girlfriends before. He realized something very important: today, a state marriage has to be a marriage of love because otherwise the people will reject it. That didn't happen a hundred years ago. At the same time, “The person chosen must have talent and ability to play that role. Don Felipe married an excellent queen for love. They were given six months. Then they reduced it to three.”