When asked if he had thrown his helmet during the sideline meltdown against the Raiders, Travis Kelce didn’t hold back.

When asked if he had thrown his helmet during the sideline meltdown against the Raiders, Travis Kelce didn’t hold back.

During Monday’s 20–14 loss against the Las Vegas Raiders, tight ends Travis Kelce of the Kansas City Chiefs allowed his frustration to get the better of him.

Speaking with his brother, the Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce, on their podcast New Heights, Kelce addressed the contentious situation.

Kelce flung his helmet to the turf on the sideline, venting his frustration during the Chiefs’ offensive woes in the first half. Shortly after the event, he spoke with coach Andy Reid.

He continued by saying that the group as a whole and he in particular needed to take greater “ownership” of the way they had been performing lately.

After Reid blocked Kelce from retrieving the helmet after he slammed it onto the ground onto the sidelines, Kelce was unable to continue playing.

With three losses in their last four games, the Chiefs’ record is currently 9–6. To try to regain momentum, Kansas City will play the Bengals from Cincinnati on Sunday.

Christmas Day saw the Chiefs lose to the Raiders 20-14, and Andy Reid, Travis Kelce, and Patrick Mahomes all expressed their frustration at various points during the game.

When questioned about Kelce by reporters following the game, Reid responded, “Yeah, listen, I mean he got back in and did a nice job.”

Things happen, like in an emotional game. Though occasionally my red hair and Trav’s emotions get to me, everything works out in the end.

In the most recent installment of the “New Heights” podcast, Kelce complimented Reid and issued a mea culpa.

Kelce has 90 catches with 968 receiving yards this season; he had five grabs for 44 yards in the defeat. But he holds himself to a higher standard.

Kelce stated of Reid, “I love him because he looks out for me.” “I didn’t return to the field and perform well. I reacted negatively because he desired to see something burning in me. All he wanted was the best from me.

Christmas Day saw the Chiefs lose 20-14 at home to the Raiders, and during the first half of the game, Kelce—whose girlfriend Taylor Swift was present—threw his helmet in fury.

Chiefs coach Andy Reid gave Kelce a hard time about his helmet toss. As the team’s leader, I have to maintain my composure because that isn’t how you shift the momentum.

“I adore Andy Reid because he watches out for me. On Wednesday, Kelce, who co-hosts the “New Heights” podcast with his brother, Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce, said, “I didn’t go back to practice and play good.”

“I reacted badly because he wanted to observe the fire in me.” He just expected the best from me, and I’m not playing the best football right now, so I need to f-king lock it in and be more responsible for him and my teammates.

Late in the half, the 34-year-old slapped his helmet down. Reid then approached his star tight end and chatted with him, even giving him a little bump in the process.

Reid stated, “He went back inside and did a nice job,” according to USA Today. “Emotional games, things happen.” Trav is sensitive, and occasionally my red hair bothers me, but everything turns out okay.

In what has been a lackluster season for the veteran, Kelce finished fourth on the Chiefs wih 44 receiving yards off five receptions.

In his Week 16 Christmas Day game over the Raiders from Las Vegas, the Kansas City Chiefs had a clumsy, bungling first half, and their annoyance was evident on the sidelines.

After a subpar first-quarter showing, quarterback Patrick Mahomes yelled to his offensive line in an attempt to get them more fired up. Not long later, tight end Travis Kelce threw his helmet to the ground in a fit of rage.