“What's wrong with Madonna?”: the debate about the queen of pop that sets social networks on fire

Madonnaat 65 years old in August, is on a world tour with The Celebration Tour. Shows with which the singer Like a Virgin Since October she has been celebrating her four decades on stage, becoming the undisputed queen of pop. This is the twelfth tour of her career.

His latest concerts, the first of 2024, have taken place in such emblematic places as Madison Square Garden in New York, where he performed on the 22nd, 23rd and this Monday the 29th. He also took advantage of the break between these three concerts to perform at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia. She will continue her world tour through Chicago, Vancouver, San Francisco, Las Vegas and Los Angeles, among many other stops. She arrives in Mexico in April.

Their concerts in New York have been three of the most anticipated of the tour and have generated a great impact on social networks. Unfortunately, not all the comments were limited to evaluating the (great) show it offers, but some of them also made reference to superficial issues such as the physique of the performer of Hung Up. “What’s happening to Madonna?” (What's wrong with Madonna?), asked a user of X, the old Twitter, along with a photo of the artist during the show. More than 8 million people have seen this message, which has accumulated more than 2 thousand replicas and thousands of likes.

However, the response from Internet users was unanimous and a few words were enough to settle a 'debate' that we already thought was over: “She is 65 years old. She is fine”, “Aging. Like all of us”, “In addition to aging like a good wine… What do you mean?”, “She is human and ages. Just that” or “What a stupid question”, reads among the answers. Most were along these lines.

His daughter Mercy's 18th birthday

On January 22, her adopted daughter came of age: “You are now a young woman! Beautiful African queen! You surprised us all! You were always the quiet gentle one. The shy and stoic one. While all my other children They were clamoring for attention, you were hiding under your hoodie. Never wanting to draw attention to yourself. Always humble and kind.” The young woman is a music lover like her mother and she has a special vocation for the piano: “I am truly amazed by the woman you have become. Prepared and radiant. A true artist”Madonna also wrote.

The American music star, who spent her tour in Barcelona in November, is the mother of six children: Lourdes, Rocco, David, Mercy and the twins Foreign y Stella. Of them, two are biological and four are adopted. Lourdes, a model, was born in 1996 from her fleeting relationship with coach Carlos Leon. Rocco, a painter who practices under the pseudonym Rhed, was born from her marriage (2000-2008) to the British film director and producer Guy Ritchie. David, Mercy and the twins were born in Malawi. She adopted them in 2008, 2009 and 2017, respectively.