What’s behind the photos of Aitana and Sebastián Yatra holding hands in London

The two announced their breakup in November after a short-lived but intense year of romantic relationship. After the breakup, the father She said that the relationship remained cordial, since the Colombian singer was not only her boyfriend, but also her best friend.

Barely three months after the breakup, the truth is that reconciliation rumors have exploded in recent days because the two have been photographed in Iceland and Paris. As if that were not enough, this weekend it was also learned that they have been together in London, and holding hands at the airport… This is what they said in Fiesta.

While there is talk here and there about both, Lorena Vázquez assured this Monday in And now Sonsoles that the approach is purely professional: “They are together for work. Bombshell: an ex-partner together for work. I can’t give you more information yet.”

After the breakup, which was confirmed by both, Sebastian Yatra He also spoke about relationships with some words that raised blisters on social networks: “I have been faithful, but because the limit of my relationships has been one year,” he told Vicky Martín Berrocal. And she acknowledged: “That has been my limit, but if I had a relationship longer, I would feel like being unfaithful even if I was in love with someone, I would want to go out with someone else.”