What you “may want” from Mediaset: Belén Esteban’s posing with Raúl Prieto and Joaquín Torres… with dart included?

No matter how much time passes, there are friendships that are unbreakable. You know it well Belen Esteban, who, after saying goodbye to Mediaset, still enjoys the affection of many of his colleagues. Among them is, for example, Raul Prietoformer director of Save me. With him and the architect Joaquin Torres poses in his latest Instagram post.

The one from Paracuellos shared this Thursday a photograph in which he posed with the communicator and the television collaborator, who, after seven years together, said ‘I do’ last summer. Belén Esteban has always been very close to both of them, especially to Prieto, whom he has come to define as one of the men in his life.

The ‘people’s princess’ and the journalist have known each other for 14 years. Together they forged an excellent relationship in Save me, and the fact that the show is no longer on the air hasn’t stopped them from keeping their friendship alive. The two have gone through difficult times after the change in the direction of the communication group, since the departure of Paolo Vasile He presented them with an uncertain future at work – even though Esteban was already recording in June. Save yourself who canthe new reality from Netflix-. However, from the end of his time at Telecinco he took away good things, but also bad things.

This is deduced, in fact, from the phrase that the businesswoman added to her publication. “What you can love is Raúl Prieto and Joaquín Torres,” reads the caption of the photograph. It is not the first time that Miguel Marcos’ wife throws the odd jab at her former television house.

The other darts of Belén Esteban

And, despite the fact that a few days ago he tried to silence Kiko Matamoros in The resistance When he said that they had been “kicked out” of Telecinco, the owner of Sabores de la Esteban commented that she would present Every man for himself in any chain other than the one that previously fed him.

“We are going to go to The Anthillexcept to Telecinco we are going to go everywhere”, He pointed out, letting it slip, of course, that if the situation arose, he would return to the network: “My photo is still in the hallway, if they call us we will go,” he stated to say goodbye to his delivery in the evening space of Movistar+. However, it is likely that, after his photograph with Torres and Prieto, this will not be the last time he refers to the things that can be “loved” from his professional past, which is very different from the one he lives from the past. Month of May.