What will happen to the football contracts as of June 30, transfers and transfer windows?

The local and supra-national football competitions are being postponed one after the other, almost without continuity solution, and given the possibility that most of them will not end when they had planned, the question of what will happen to the contracts that end on June 30, that is, possibly before many of those competitions end, and what will happen to the summer transfer window.

Thus, FIFA has created a working group with the confederations, the leagues, the clubs and FIFPro with the aim of taking urgent measures in the face of the serious situation at the moment. for the prevention effects that the coronavirus pandemic is causing.

In that working group, which is the head of the FIFA department, the Spanish Emilio García Silvero, In addition to the expiration of the contracts, the summer transfer market, the probable non-payments expected to occur will be addressed, to later incorporate modifications to the Regulations of the Statute and Transfer of Players that allow us to face the new scenario.

Suspending the competition for an indefinite time causes the clubs to stop receiving from their main sources of income, as the gay economist of Liébana has pointed out: box office, season tickets, audiovisual rights, advertising and sponsorships; which can result in an inability to meet the salaries of the players. Y As for the contracts ending on June 30, the clubs would be forced to negotiate an extension of the contracts with the players, which they could refuse.

As for the registration periods of players, in the case of this summer, they would start with the season still unfinished. As stated by Iusport, the Regulations on the Statute and Transfer of Players of FIFA establish that as each country establishes its own dates for the summer and winter markets, we find variations according to the federations and confederations, although it must always be complied with on the condition that they begin after the end of the season. And with the suspension of competitions due to the coronavirus, there is the possibility that the competitions will not end when they were scheduled. However, the regulation requires that registration periods must be entered into the FIFA Transfer Matching System (TMS) at least 12 months in advance.