What was missing: they try to rob Mariano in the middle of Madrid’s street

The striker of Real Madrid, Mariano Díaz, is not living a simple season under Zidane. The quarryman barely counts for the French coach if we except the minutes he had in the Supercopa recently won by the whites and, in addition, luck seems to have turned his back even off the field with episodes like the one he lived on Monday in the center of the capital.

And is that Mariano He has been the victim of an attempted robbery when he left a luxury store in the middle of Serrano Street, in the Barrio de Salamanca, one of the most expensive of all Madrid (The 4 million euros that can take Mariano to Villarreal)

According to ABC account, the thieves recognized the player when he entered the store to buy and waited for his exit in order to steal what he had bought with the famous ‘pull method’.

The player of Real Madrid He was fortunate that several people who were walking through the area at that time chased the assailants, forcing them to drop the bags in their flight after having taken Mariano off his luxurious purchases. In fact, the player picked up those bags and continued on his way without much trouble. Moreover, the police did not even appear at the scene.