What Tennis Australia was missing: Carlos Bernardes has a heart attack in Melbourne

Tennis Australia does not win to disappointment in the controversial quarantine that around 1,200 people are going through who will participate in the events that will take place in Melbourne from January 31 and that will culminate in the first Grand Slam of the season. To the positives for COVID (the last known is that of the Spanish Paula Badosa) and the criticisms about the harshness and the conditions of the 14 days of mandatory confinement for all those involved, joined this Thursday un serious health problem for one of the most well-known and respected chair judges on the circuit, Carlos Bernardes.

The Brazilian referee, who had some encounters in the past with Rafa Nadal, was admitted to a hospital in the capital of the state of Victoria after suffering a heart attack at the hotel where he is staying with the rest of the assistants, according to Reuters as a result of information from the local media and some photographs of Bernardes, 55, in full transfer to the health center.

In Brazil, the Tennis News website ensures that the judge of Sao Caetano do Sul, who has served as an ATP official since 1990, is well and that you will be discharged on Saturday.