The 2008 Wimbledon Final It is considered the best game in the history of tennis. In such a mythical setting, a colossal performance by Rafa Nadal and Roger Federer, two of the greatest in this sport. The shock had everything and was very special for being the first time Nadal beat the Swiss on London grass, thus achieving his first Grand Slam title in the All England Tennis Club.

But beyond sports in a game that was dramatic, with two stops and more than five hours of mourning, it also had fun moments that we did not know to date. And it is that Rafa himself, during an interview with ESPN, told journalist Jose Luis Clerc a funny moment starring his uncle, Toni Nadal, Rada coach back then. This took place during the first break of the match, due to the rain. “In no case did I start crying. I actually played a prank on my uncle. In the first stop of rain, with two sets to zero in my favor, he fell asleep waiting for the restart. In that last break, when we had lost two match points, I went back to the locker room and said, 'Now you better not fall asleep again, “Rafa explained to the interviewer's laughter.

And in a later interview, Toni himself gave truth to his nephew's words: “He had given me a nap (laughs) That day it was dusty and there in the locker room … At one point We were two sets to zero and I thought we won easily. “ After that little nap, Federer began to play like the angels and the final became a legend, with the great triumph of the Manacorense included …

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