What does Christian Gálvez live on?: the presenter's business while he waits for his first child with Patricia Pardo

Christian Galvez is about to become a father with Patricia Pardo, who a few weeks ago brought forward her maternity leave. But his life not only smiles on him personally: after the cancellation of 25 WordsMediaset has placed its trust in the former presenter of Pass word to lead the new format of the Fuencarral chain, Celebrity School. Also to present the Christmas galas. It should be remembered that in April, Mediaset and the presenter renewed their long-term contract.

But the programs he presents are not the only source of income for the one from Móstoles. His production company Fenix ​​Media Audiovisual, founded in March 2020 and with himself as president, also gives him great results. This production company, of which Mediaset owns 40% of the shares, has taken control Socialite after the breaking of ties between Mediaset and La Fábrica de la Tele. His production company is also preparing true crime The Galindos. All the truth; and produces programs for Mtmad, as well as radio space Collapsedhosted by Gálvez himself on Cadena 100, among other works.

Likewise, the writer enjoys being the largest shareholder of 47 Ronin SL, dedicated to the exploitation of intellectual property and from which he manages his rights as a novel writer. Company that in 2021 gave him a turnover of 1.2 million euros, and that saw his benefits reduced in 2022, but that provides him with great income for the arrival of his fatherhood.

Fatherhood: Gálvez's illusion

Last July, Gálvez and her Mediaset partner announced the arrival of their first child together: “Life has not been able to give us a better anniversary gift than placing one more star in our field of stars. We could not be more in love.” and happy waiting for our baby. It must be remembered that they announced it just a year after secretly getting married. When they said “I do,” they did so just a few months after the breakup of the presenter and Almudena Cid, with whom he had no children after 11 years of marriage. The presenter of We'll seeFor her part, she is the mother of two daughters, Aurora y Sofianext to Fran Marquez.

Christian Gálvez and Almudena Cid

The actress and writer also spoke about the breakup last October during her visit to Joaquín, the rookie. “I didn't see it coming and I had a very bad time,” she recalled with tears in her eyes. She also spoke about the pressures she felt for not becoming a mother with the Mediaset presenter: “They always pointed me out for not having been a mother. I have gone through a traumatic process, a duel and I need to stabilize myself because I still remember a very strong process,” she confessed. to the former footballer.