“What do you want? You are harassers!”: Paola Olmedo explodes like never before against the press

Since the exclusive was published where José María Almoguera announced his separation with Paola Olmedothe still daughter-in-law of Carmen Borrego remains in the spotlight. A separation that a few days ago was joined by a new front: his landlord decided not to renew his rental contract, which forced him to look for a new home in record time. The tension broke out this Tuesday with Paola, who broke out for the first time in front of the cameras and accused the reporters of being “harassers.”

Olmedo, visibly upset, has blamed the press for her situation and for revealing information that concerns her private life. The dispute arose at the doors of her house, where she snapped at the reporters: “So what are you going? What do you want?”. The journalists who went to Olmedo’s home tried to calm her down without success: “I don’t understand this harassment you have. You are very harassers. You don’t know how to do other things, right?”Olmedo added.

While Almoguera dreams of a reconciliation with the mother of his son, Paola has made it clear to him that her decision is clear. These days, the manicurist has been looking for a new house after her landlord refused to renew her rental contract. She has found it and is already preparing to move with her three children, two from previous relationships and one with Jose María. He, for his part, has also settled in a home in the center of Madrid where he can begin this new stage of her life.