“What a boat the queen!”: the viral celebration of Doña Letizia with her daughter and the Spanish champions in the World Cup

Lady Letizia and the infanta sofia They have celebrated in style the victory of the Spanish women’s soccer team in the final of the World Cup in Australia. After a few tense minutes at the Accord Stadium in Sydney, La Roja beat England with a goal from Olga Carmona this Sunday.

The wife of Philip VI and his youngest daughter participated in the awarding of decorations, both to referees and to the British team, semifinalists of this World Cup. But the emotion on her faces was noticeable when it was her turn to receive the Spanish women.

Without following the protocol, Letizia and the sister of the princess eleanor They hugged the players, one by one, and ended up bouncing on the grass. “Que bote la Reina, que bote la Reina”, the champions have begun to cheer, and her Majesty has done so. After her, it was her daughter’s turn to shout “Sofía, Sofía”.

These gestures of closeness and complicity are in line with the support that Doña Letizia has given the team since her World Cup career began. Sofía is also a great fan of this sport. On May 8 of this year, she also accompanied her father in the final of the Copa del Rey in Seville.