Westerveld analyzes AZ Alkmaar, Real's next European rival

Sander westerveldAs it cannot be otherwise, he has great knowledge of AZ Alkmaar, the main rival of Real to achieve the pass to the round of 32 of the Europa League. The Dutchman foresees a “very even, very attractive” duel and although he understands that Real is “something better, a more balanced team”, he warns that AZ is a “very dangerous team, especially in attack”.

“It's an interesting game because they are two teams that want to play,” he warns Westerveld. “AZ is known for being the best team in the Netherlands. They beat Ajax last year in both games ”, a sample is displayed as a button. The Dutch exporter of the Real, yes, points to the weak flank of those of Alkmaar. “Mentally they are not strong because lately they have tied several games that they were winning. As soon as they score a goal they get nervous “, says a Sander that, yes, it affects that “it is a good team, which plays very offensively, with good players.”

In the one by one particular of Westerveld, the goalkeeper would put “Calvin
Stengs Y Boadu“, His two attacking players, although the Real could be lucky since the second” is with Covid. At the club they think that they are two footballers who will end up playing in a 'top' team in Europe ”. But are not the only ones. “In the center of the field they have Koopmeiners, the captain, who is international for the Netherlands and the Norwegian Midtsjo, which is very good. Gudmunsson or From
Wit They are also interesting footballers and the defense is not bad either. Have signed to Martins
Indi, who was international and has a lot of experience, the other central the Greek Hatzidiakos has a good level and the right back, Svensson, it is very offensive. Wijndal, the left back, is also international. They have a very good squad, not just an 'eleven' ”.

Westerveld He believes that we are facing a “very even duel”, although he understands that Real also has “a very strong team, with footballers who can win a game by themselves.” The tulip foresees that there will be goals, that the matches can end “2-2 or 3-3” and hopes that “the two teams can qualify. I know it is not easy but it will depend on the game against Naples in Alkmaar. In San Paolo, AZ did not pass the midfield but was lucky to win ”, ends a Westerveld who is a good friend of the AZ coach, Arne
Slot. “He played with me at Sparta. The other day we played golf together but he didn't ask me anything about La Real. I don't know if he has forgotten or doesn't want to ”, the Dutchman concludes with a laugh.