Weekend with a broken heart

Well yes friends: the refereeing controversy that usually accompanies Real Madrid also benefited Atleti. If they told me a while ago I would never believe it. But neither would you believe that we are experiencing a global pandemic. Things of the new normal, I guess.

The truth is that it was a strange weekend. I do not remember the last time that Atleti was in third place and began the day wishing for the victory of Barcelona and the eternal rival. At the whims of fate, both were facing our direct rivals for the positions of Champions. And in both cases the result was very positive for the mattresses. The culés achieved a tie with him Seville while the meringues won at Anoeta.

On Sunday I did a survey on my social networks for mattress fans: “What result would you want for Real Sociedad – Real Madrid?” 32% preferred victory for Real Sociedad (even if it hurt Atleti, since it would place them 2 points from us); 55% a draw (which would leave them 4 points behind and Madrid second in the ranking); and only 14% wanted the merengue victory, the result that best suited us objectively but that would leave the whites leaders, as it happened.

The heart has reasons that reason does not understand. I am very satisfied with the results … but hey, It would not have been bad for Barça to win and Madrid to draw!