Webó laments “the lack of solidarity” of Thomas Tuchel during PSG-Basaksehir

On December 8 there was an incident at PSG-Basaksehir that stopped the game. The fourth official, Sebastien Coltescu, was accused of racism by the Turkish team's bench. The magazine 'France Football' has tried to shed light on the incident in its latest issue and Pierre Achille Webó, assistant coach of the visitors and one of the protagonists of the event, has taken the floor.

Shield / Flag PSG

The former Cameroonian international, with a past in Osasuna or Espanyol, maintains that the wound remains open: “I have a feeling of anger, I felt discriminated against”. AdemFurthermore, it considers that the matter has not been resolved with the urgency or force that it required. “I want sanctions to be applied, because this is the first time this has happened. Very strong measures must be takenOtherwise it will continue to repeat itself and no one will remember what happened, “he continued.

“It was that black boy”, Coltescu said to Hategan, the main collegiate of the clash, referring to Webó. A phrase that would unleash events and reproaches. “Why when you refer to a white man don't you say the white boy?”, they questioned the protagonist. Everything ended with the postponement of the match (PSG won 5-1 the next day), after a large part of the players took part in the brawl. Demba Ba, on the Ottoman side, and Neymar and Mbappé, on the Parisian side, were the most eloquent.

Praise Neymar and Mbappé, charge against Tuchel

What's more, the star couple of PSG has also been referred to by Webó in 'France Football': “We must not take lightly the fact that Neymar, Mbappé and all these world-class players reacted as they did for this cause. The fact that they said 'if it happened, we will not continue' makes them bigger. Congratulations once again to Leonardo, the president of PSG and the players, since they played a very important role. “However, there is one person whose behavior did not like the now assistant coach of Basaksehir, Thomas Tuchel. “The coach did what he did. There was a total lack of solidarity on his part.”, he sentenced.