“We want to be brave and for people to see something different”

Luis Blanco already trained the Espanyol first team squad this morning. A “positive” contact for the subsidiary technician, who will live a dream. The coach acknowledges that his “spirit” continues with the second team, that promotion to the First RFEF is being played, but that this is a unique opportunity and he wants to leave his stamp on the blue and white team. He predicts changes, that players from the subsidiary can act and that he wants a team that is the protagonist.

Positive contact. “The assessment is positive, they have found a coach who came with tremendous enthusiasm. I have the feeling that they have perceived it. Everything was positive. What they have shown me, how they looked at me and nodded to everything I said. good vibes for tomorrow’s meeting”.

Future after this season. “I only see myself in tomorrow’s game. The news was told to me on Thursday afternoon, so it’s normal that I was surprised by how it happened, how fast it was. There is a very big responsibility. We are committed. I am involved, It is an opportunity to show ourselves and to remove perhaps that bad taste in the mouth that this final stretch could have caused. We want to turn it around. Changes are being seen in the club since a new project is starting, we want to help and play a good game for people. There are times when there should be criticism and demand”.

Emotional state. “I’m happy for sure and it’s a dream too. I’ve been here for eight seasons, close to the first team. Smelling a bit of what Primera is, learning, soaking up everything. The first session was very satisfying. I’ve had to live this opportunity in this way “.

The Valencia. “It is an important rival, with a lot of tradition, we follow the First Division a lot and we see hard-working, pressing, vertical teams. We have to close details. We try to prioritize what is what can bring us the most tomorrow, touching on emotional aspects, details that at a of the game can help us. We have to choose well based on the profiles we have, to be able to make a line-up of guarantees”.

Spanish Shield / Flag

System and model to be used. “The bad luck that we can have is that there is very little time to prepare for the match, but beyond that game structure I would like to spread what we want and introduce an identity: be brave, go for the rival with responsibility. .. We want to be protagonists, but that goes beyond the system.”

Alignment. “Many deserve to play, I have not been on a day-to-day basis, I will be guided by sensations. Today was the day to know and soak up. I have my idea from the outside. There are some boys that I have had in grassroots football, and that gives me a some advantage.”

emotional message. “The first thing is to revitalize them. At home they have played very well, they have shown a path that they can repeat. They have beaten great teams. for the game, they have had intention, and that is marked by the emotional state, the rest they have. I think we are a good team”.

Homegrown on Saturday. “We can see some debut. I know them, I know what they can contribute, but soon there is a promotion playoff that must be taken into account, but we can see something. We are short of troops, and we can resort to it.”

Ideal time to ascend. “These are moments, and it has happened like this. If I look at it in a selfish way, it is a beautiful opportunity. All of us who are coaches and have spent years fighting day by day to live a moment like this, we see it in a beautiful way. It is true that In two weeks I will be with the team, if there is the option of being able to return, I don’t know, they haven’t said anything. My spirit and my soul are still with the subsidiary”.

Template status. “We have the known casualties of Herrera and Aleix Vidal or players like Morlanes, Óscar Gil and Pedrosa, they are a serious doubt. Almost none can make it, not even Keidi Bare. But the casualties are opportunities for others, and it will not take away our energy”.