We spoke with María Ángeles Grajal about Picasso and the “tense” tribute to Jaime Ostos this Saturday

When two years have passed since the death of Jaime Ostosthis Saturday the monolith located in the roundabout will be inaugurated in the Sevillian town of Écija that will bear the name of 'Jaime Ostos Carmona', whom the hometown of the Astigitano matador considers one of its great characters.

The votes of the Popular Party and Vox made it possible for the Écija city council to approve the proposal presented a year ago by some bullfighting associations. In this tribute the controversial reunion of the doctor will also take place. Maria Angeles Grajalwidow of Ostos, and her son Jacobcon Gabriela and Jaime, the two eldest children of the matador, born from his marriage with Consuelo Alcalathe businesswoman who recounted, years ago on some television sets, serious accusations of abuse against her ex-husband.

It is said that it is possible that Consuelo Alcalá herself may also attend the tribute, since her children stated in some gossip space that their father was still in love with his first wife, despite the fact that Ostos always said that he detested his first wife and that He would never forgive her for calling him violent.

In recent days, the bullfighter's inheritance has been the subject of heated televised debates between the eldest sons and Jacobo Ostos Grajal. Gabriela assures that she went this summer with a truck to pick up her father's belongings, since her widow had not distributed the assets: ““I only took a small table, a bust and little else, they had emptied everything.”said.

The truth is that it took the children a year and a half after their father's death to approach the house where the bullfighter had lived, although the doctor always stated that the door was open for them. A chalet that the pulmonologist put up for sale for months until, as we previewed, she finally found a buyer who offered 650,000 euros for the property. Jacobo Ostos categorically affirms that there was nothing valuable to inherit. “My father only had one pension; it was my mother who pulled the financial reins of the family”he assures.

The doctor assures us that in that possible train crash next Saturday she will remain calm and in her place, avoiding confrontation with Jaime's children and his previous wife, if it finally occurs. Furthermore, María Ángeles, who has avoided publicly entering into the controversy, assures Informalia that everything in that chalet was hers, except for bullfighting objects or her husband's trophies. “And of course there was no Picasso,” she adds, referring to an alleged drawing that the Malaga artist would have given to Jaime Ostos, whom she admired when she saw him bullfighting in the squares of the south of France. “No one has ever seen that drawing by Picasso in my house, nor has anyone ever talked about that work,” insists the doctor, contradicting the older children, who talk about a drawing valued at a fortune, which their father would have told them about. although they had never seen it.

Grajal has just overcome a serious health episode due to a circulatory obstruction in one leg, he has returned to his office and will be in Écija on Saturday as the bullfighter's wife. The doctor has had a relationship with the businessman for months Jose Gandiawho was a good friend of Ostos, who has been watching over her in these weeks of convalescence.