We spoke with Edmundo Arrocet after being ignored in the TVE special dedicated to María Teresa Campos

Spanish Television's tribute to Maria Teresa Campos, broadcast last Friday, was well received by viewers and received very positive comments from critics. But the total absence of any mention of Edmundo Arrocet, the man with whom the presenter who died on September 5 lived the last known romance of her life, in a relationship full of hope and a lot of affection, although the end was sad and disappointing for both of them and perhaps was a very hard blow for them. the health of the communicator.

“It doesn't matter”, comments the comedian to Informalia. “When they want to erase years from a person's life, they just do it and that's it,” says Arrocet from Ibiza, where he spent the Three Kings' holiday with his grandchildren who live in London.

It does not seem that this forgetfulness has surprised or affected him too much. Since the breakup with the journalist, at the end of 2019, he has had to listen to very harsh accusations against him, from Terelu and Carmen Borrego, to which after a while in silence he responded bluntly. “We were together for six years and they are all beautiful memories, and I repeat that that story did not end through WhatsApp, nor was I ever unfaithful to him,” clarified Edmundo, fed up with those statements that he considers totally false. “I don't want controversy with Teresita's family,” he said.

“But don't let anyone take me for a fool. I wasn't the cause of its decline, many lies are being told about me,” he said very angrily. “I'm not the bad guy. As far as possible, with everything they're saying about me, I feel fine. I'm already used to Teresita's daughters calling me everything, and I barely name them. I don't pay them any attention. “he insisted.

A phrase for history: “Just because Edmundo is over doesn't mean the world is over”

That is why he normally assumes that he has been erased from the tribute to Teresa, as if their relationship and the feelings they experienced had never existed, although his tone is one of certain sadness and disappointment.

At the end of 2019, María Teresa Campos, who was 78 years old, clarified after weeks of rumors that her relationship with Edmundo Bigote Arrocet had ended after six years together. The announcement was made by Terelu, who read a statement from her mother where she confirmed the breakup. Her daughter asked for privacy but, days later, Maria Theresa herself granted an exclusive for which he charged, according to our sources, “tens of thousands of euros” from Hola magazine. She told with a checkbook that he had left her through a WhatsApp message and also closed the door to reconciliation. In addition, she left a phrase for history: “Just because Edmundo is over doesn't mean the world is over.”