“We must look to the future with optimism”

Henry of Luxembourg has announced through a speech framed in the celebrations of the National Day of Luxembourg that he will hand over his functions to his son Guillermo next October.

“Grand Duke Henry announced today that will pass possession to Hereditary Grand Duke William in October 2024. Speculation had been circulating, but it is now official, Grand Duke Henry is stepping away from his duties. In October of this year, his son, Hereditary Grand Duke William, will assume the governorship of the country alongside his wife, Hereditary Grand Duchess Stéphanie.“, Enrique de Luxembourg revealed this Sunday through a statement.

Likewise, the Grand Duke of Luxembourg has assured that we must look to the future with optimism and has indicated that, despite delegating his functions to his son William, he will retain his official title. “With all my luck and confidence I wish you good luck. We must look to the future with optimism, knowing that together we can achieve great things. Grand Duke Henry will retain his official title as this is not an abdication. The place of this will be represented by his son, the Hereditary Grand Duke William. He grand duke can delegate his powers temporarily or permanently to a lieutenant-representative. Before exercising his powers, this lieutenant-representative will take an oath to defend the Constitution,” he stated.

This decision by Enrique de Luxembourg comes after the statements he made last April to the network RTL Place Royale. In the interview, she confessed how important it is to give opportunities to the new generations. “I think it is very important to give young people an opportunity. Transmission and trust are two essential elements in my relationship with my son. At some point I plan to retire. That’s obvious“, he claimed.