We interviewed Fernanda Hurtado: “My sister Teresa saved her life, she thought she was dying”

They are inseparable. The Hurtado sisters, The twins Fernanda and Teresa have just turned 75 and are coming out of one of the hardest stages of their lives. The second has been discharged after being admitted to a hospital due to a stroke and a heart attack, and the first is her best caretaker. Above, Teresa (left) and Fernanda in a file photograph.

In an exclusive interview for Informalia, Fernanda confesses that although they are already at home, her sister “is still very weak”, and recalls that “we must take into account that she suffered a heart attack and a stroke at the same time, they have given her oxygen”. Fernanda Hurtado is positive: “The most important thing is that she saved her life, because she thought she was dying. She was very serious. In the first days we had no hope, but suddenly she began to get ahead, we spent two weeks in the hospital and Now he is recovering at home. He constantly wears a mask, through which they give him oxygen, and he cannot speak. First he suffered a heart attack, and then a stroke that attacked his lung. made us laugh so much with his sisters in that One, two, three, answer again of the late Narciso Ibáñez Serrador.

“Because of this weakness, he can barely walk, just from the bedroom to the living room, from there to the bathroom, and then he sits down. He gets too tired. And the oxygen is cleaning his lungs. Fortunately, he is recovering little by little.” Fernanda points out.

Her leg swelled and her sister explains that every day a physiotherapist comes home. “We are counting the days until she can go for a walk in the garden. I have bought her a portable oxygen backpack to take her outside the house. But, for now, the doctors recommend that she stay inside the apartment and not make efforts He follows a very soft diet and sticks to it to the letter,” he says.

Fernanda is very sincere when acknowledging that she has been “with her soul in suspense all the time” they spent in the hospital: “Now I feel calmer because I see that Teresa is improving day by day. It seems like a miracle. I give her all my strength to cheer her up. It’s that we are two people fused into one. All our lives together, we have never been separated,” she says excitedly.

They have not told Paloma, her other sister

She tells us about her other sister, Paloma, who has disappeared from the media for decades: “She is doing very well, she lives in the United States with her husband and everything is going great for her. Paloma is a very happy woman, she has just taken a great trip with her husband for Chile and Argentina. And I have not told him anything about what happened with Teresa, because I did not want to alarm her. When our sister fully recovers, I will tell Paloma what happened, “he clarifies. The three sisters are daughters of the great actress Mary Carrillo, without a doubt, one of the great actresses of the Spanish scene of the 20th century, who died in 2009 at the age of 89, one year after her husband, Diego Hurtado, actor, director, theater adapter and impresario, contributor to Jacinto Benavente.

Mary Carrillo and Diego Hurtado had four daughters: Alicia, deceased, and the three stingy Paloma is the oldest of the three, she has turned 77 and we all remember her from her television stage, along with Teresa and Fernanda, in the legendary Ibáñez Serrador contest, where she also became very popular as part of the trio of The Stingy.

The twins retired from show business many years ago and are now dedicated to creating paintings collages in which they use different objects. They have exhibited in Spain, and also in other countries, such as Italy, where they showed their works with great success in Milan, Rome and Venice.