“We have to win out”

Simeone attended Movistar in the flash interview before after the tie in the Espanyol field.

They could not win. “It was a tough game, we knew the needs of the rival and ours. The game was always lived under the intensity, friction, looking for error. We started the first ten minutes well, they improved and in the second half we approached what we wanted to play. In the end it was I attack you and you attack me and see who was wrong. “

What did you ask your players? “Work, be together … every weekend.”

Why did they start worse? “They were better, the need makes you raise the concentration, intensity and found the goal that strengthened them to continue in that line. It was a fought match where nobody takes much advantage and the mistakes are decisive.”

They go down a lot. “We have to win away from home. Now we care about the game in Wanda and then we will need to win away from home too.”

Later he appeared at a press conference

How do you see Diego Costa?

It would not be fair to speak only of Diego, he is returning after a long injury. The two teams have looked for errors of the rival and we are left with the tie. As for Diego, he is returning, we want to empower him as with Carrasco, as with João who is also returning, we must give them minutes and generating them to climb so that they approach what the team needs.

And to Morata?

He is working as always for what the team needs, he is not encountering the goal or the situations, we must focus on improving training, speed of execution, so that he gives us more in his head strike that is very important and that generates what has always generated us until a couple of games ago.

Espanyol is a colist. How do you see it?

He had commented in the previous one, since the arrival of Abelardo, the team feels more comfortable, stronger competes in all matches until the end, has deserved to win most of the games, the expulsions he has had to face have not allowed to compete in the best way, but he will fight, he is a strong coach, who conveys that feeling and sees the group follow him and they will fight him. This is what it is, both to be a champion, to enter the Champions League and to save you. You have to be clear about the objective and fight for it.

There are too many draws, especially at home

When the game starts we always try to win. Of the last four games, we have won Granada and Villarreal and we have drawn in Valencia and here. We are giving the maximum, hopefully it gives us to compete.

Did you expect anything else from your team?

We always expect more, especially when we don't win, we try to change the system at rest and it worked out well, they weren't more comfortable. Beyond the goal, it was seen that the team was more comfortable, not as in the first part, that except for the first 10 minutes they were.