Carlo Ancelottialways cautious, was satisfied with his team’s match but refused to put an end to the tie after the 1-3 victory of the Real Madrid before him Chelsea on Stamford Bridge.

“We played a very good game, well thought out, with courage and personality. Playing like this we can beat anyone. Chelsea He has not shown his best version due to the merit of the Real Madrid, but we have to be cautious and have respect for them. The tie has not finished”, asserted the Italian coach, contradicting Tuchel.

“We had the courage to go out playing, we handled the advantage well at the start to play between the lines and we attacked very well. We took advantage of the fact that the strikers were in their ideal night, as Karim and Vinicius, they have made very good combinations. Valverde has helped a lot in transitions and fixing Azpilicueta“, he analyzed Carletto. “I talk a lot with soccer players, I know how to listen, but I make decisions absolutely alone,” she added.

“We have to have respect for Chelsea,” insisted the Italian, “we want to play the same game in the Bernabeu but it could be different”, warned the coach, who was full of praise for Benzema. “Every time it gets better, like wine. Every day he feels more like a leader, with more personality, he knows that he is very important and has an exemplary behavior. He scores a lot of goals, he helps the team, it’s difficult to score because he moves a lot and when the ball arrives in the box he’s there”, he celebrated.

“Doubt is part of the coach’s job, he is a questionable figure. He is to blame for the defeat and the players are the winners of the victories. This is football,” Ancelotti said before talking about the hits.

“Militao has a sprained knee and Benzema and Valverde were tired,” he said.

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