“We have been superior”

Tie analysis: “The other day we wanted to get the three points and today too. The other day we were close and today also. We went from less to more and we lacked a bit of calm and decided better to win. The team has been super rigorous defending and not I remember clear occasions for Barça. In the second half we have been above, and sometimes, throughout the match, we have been superior. “

Seville Coat of Arms / Flag

Barça could not overcome the wall: “You have to know how to coexist with the situations in which Barcelona puts you. In the first we have not been able to do damage and in the second we have had quite clear options to win. I do not remember occasions for Barça.”

Key substitutions: “The changes are made with an idea and sometimes they come out and sometimes they don't. This time they have helped us a lot to add this point and it is a pity that there are not three.”

Breaks: “Villarreal has gotten into the fight for the Champions League and Monday is going to be very difficult because we are going to have less than 72 hours of rest. It seems that with some teams that rule is broken.”