We discovered the secret refuge of Jesús Vázquez this Holy Week

Jesus Vazquez He has put land in between. The presenter is thousands of kilometers away, exactly 10,311, from continent to continent. Jesús Vázquez flees from processions and religious acts and celebrates a very special Holy Week with her husband in an Asian destination.

We have located him in the city of Busan, the second largest in South Korea, after the capital Seoul, where he has also spent a few days of well-deserved vacations, enjoying its six beaches and its tourist attractions.

The popular presenter includes in his visits the most commercial street in the town, Seomyeon, the Dongnae natural spa, the highest mural in Asia, seventy meters high, made by the German artist Heindrick Beikirch, the Beomeosa temple, and the island from Dongbaek.

Thanks to its maritime location, in Busan you can taste very tasty seafood and fish. We know that Jesus’ favorite dish is Hon, a tray of raw white fish cut into thin strips, served on a lettuce leaf and garnished with soy sauce. And we anticipate that the restaurant where, they say, they prepare it best is Jackie’s Seafood, located in the Jagalchi Fish Market.

Vázquez has found in her husband, Roberto Cortés, the ideal couple, they met in 2001 and married four years later. They are not known for a single marital crisis. Roberto is an industrial engineer, but he left his profession to become a manager and representative of the popular presenter. They go everywhere together and share their fondness for body worship, displaying enviable physiques.