We caught Princess Leonor partying and vaping outside a nightclub

While Felipe VI and Doña Letizia made a romantic plan through Madrid, with a walk, cinema and seafood restaurant, the Princess Eleanor He went out again to party in Zaragoza. Informalia He met the Heiress in Babia, one of the best-known places in the Aragonese capital. This time, we witnessed that the first-born of the Kings smoked vape.

The Princess of Asturias vaped at the door of the nightclub, as confirmed to Informalia local sources. Throughout the night, Leonor danced on the dance floor and shared confidences with her friends. Despite it being night, the heir to the throne wore black sunglasses on her head for several hours.

Last January, as Informalia reported, Infanta Sofía’s sister went to Parros, a well-known place in the city, located between the streets of El Tubo. At all times, Leonor was controlled by at least two bodyguards and she also wore black sunglasses.

While cadet Borbón Ortiz spends her last days with her Academy classmates before returning to Zarzuela for her Easter vacation, the king and queen opted for a much quieter plan in the capital: a walk, a seafood restaurant and a movie in the center of Madrid. The monarch and the consort entered the Perlora Seafood Restaurant this Saturday around 8 p.m. and, minutes later, they left for the Doré cinema.