Watch the NFL stock market: the Lions make history and the Cowboys fail in key situations

Watch the NFL stock market: the Lions make history and the Cowboys fail in key situations

Because they won on Sunday, both the Lions from Detroit and the Miami Dolphins are now in the playoffs.

The Browns need one more win to catch up to them, but the NFC East title looks like it will go back to Philadelphia. It has been since 2004 that a team has won the same league twice.

Congratulations on being the Lions and their fans who have stuck with them through a lot. The city of Detroit has achieved its initial division win since 1993 after the Lions beat the Vikings on Sunday.

Since it’s been so long, the Lions were competing in a different division back then. This is their first win in the NFC North!

It’s an amazing feat for a brand that hasn’t had consistent success across multiple generations.

His inaugural 23 games as coach of the Lions, before the season of 2021, he went 4–19. They’ve won 19 of their last 25 games, going 19-6.

At first, they strengthened their lines and added guns to help them attack. They got Jared Goff through trade, and their offensive coordinator Ben Johnson changed the scheme to fit Goff’s skills.

This Lions team plays such its coach does, with no fear, and a lot of confidence. It all paid off with the NFC North victory and a real chance to win a playoff game at home.

Even though it took until the very end, the Miami Dolphins got a big win and made sure they would be in the playoffs on Sunday night.

They came back from being down nine points in the fourth period to keep the game close. This was a close game between the Dolphins and the Cowboys, but the Dolphins won 22–20 on a field goal.

Early in the game, Dolphins kicker Jason Sanders made three kicks from 50 yards out. With two seconds left, he made a 29-yard field goal to give his team the two-point win.

After a 49-yard score pass to CeeDee Lamb in the first quarter, the Cowboys took a 7-3 lead. But until the fourth quarter, both teams couldn’t make a field goal.

Brandon Aubrey made a 33-yard field goal to cut the lead to six points. With 3:27 left in the game, Prescott hit Brandin Cooks at the middle of the end zone to give Dallas a one-point lead. The Cowboys’ longest drive of the year, 17 plays, led to that score.

While the time was still running, the Dolphins marched into the field and set up Sanders’ last field goal, which won the game. In the loss, Prescott completed 20 out of 32 passes, gained 253 yards, and scored two scores.

Tua Tagovailoa completed 24 out of 37 passes for 293 yards and a score. Raheem Mostert ran 11 times for 46 yards.

Hill caught nine passes for 99 yards. Yahoo Sports will keep you up to date on the most recent developments, scores, and accidents during the last few games of Week 16.

The NFL season’s 15th week began Thursday night with the Las Vegas Raiders beating the Los Angeles Chargers 63–21.

It was Chargers coach Bo Staley’s last game with the team, and the week finished with the Seattle Seahawks shocking the Philadelphia Eagles.

The Cincinnati Bengals beat the Minnesota Vikings 27-24 in OT on Saturday, which kept there playoff hopes alive. After that, the Indianapolis Colts beat the Pittsburgh Steelers 30–13 by scoring 30 points in a row.

In the second game of the night on Saturday, the Detroit Lions beat the Denver Broncos 42–17. Tony Pollard ran for 12 times and gained 38 yards. Lamb caught six passes and gained 118 yards.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers made their playoff hopes better on Sunday, the Carolina Panthers won their second game this season, and the Houston Texans won a divisional game within overtime without quarterback C.J. Stroud.

When they played the Dallas Cowboys, the Buffalo Bills had a great day on the ground. The San Francisco 49ers won their third straight game and won the NFC West.