Vrsaljko: Champions Goal

He Atlético de Madrid He returns to training this Sunday after six days of rest that the coaching staff granted to the squad after the end of LaLiga. The rojiblanco team will begin to prepare for their participation in the eight final of the Champions League in Lisbon, with the quarterfinal match against Leipzig on August 13 on the horizon.

Diego Simeone You will have all your players ready except two: Thomas and Vrsaljko. The first one produced a small muscle injury in the clash against Real Sociedad and will work to be ready against the German team. Right now, it's doubt. Everything will depend on the evolution that the Ghanaian presents.

About Vrsaljko, the Croatian underwent an arthroscopy, planned for a long time, on the knee that was operated on in February 2019 on May 21. The objective was to remove material from that intervention. Subsequent treatment was rehabilitation and physical therapy.

Two months have passed, and the winger continues without exercising with the group. But it is planned that in the next few days he will be working on the grass, since his goal is to be ready for the Champions League. It has complicated, yes.

No one counted on Vrsaljko for him to play this season. Due to the severity of his injury and because he had ahead of him Trippier and Arias. But Simeone he was forced to turn to him in February. And it gave a good performance. He even started in the first leg of the Champions League round of 16 against Liverpool at the Metropolitano. And he also had minutes on the lap at Anfield. Then the break came and in May, it was decided to go through the operating room instead of at the end of the season, to gain time, since it was not known what was going to happen, with the coronavirus pandemic at the center of everything.

Now the situation is similar. Vrsaljko disadvantaged party with respect to Trippier and AriasBut if he recovers and returns to the level he had in February and March, Diego Simeone already knows that he can count on him with all the guarantees.